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Water/Fluid Coils

At Luvata we produce a wide variety of water or fluid coils for numerous HVAC&R applications. We custom design coils for any fluid including refrigerants, oils, antifreeze, thermal oils or other solutions to meet customers' unique conditions.

When recommending a coil design we take many factors into consideration. We will work with you to identify the material combination that is best for the environment and air conditions that the coil will be placed into. We will recommend a frame design according to the type of installation, the maximum area of fins and required fin protection.

  • Commercial and residential air conditioning
  • Commercial and industrial refrigeration
  • Mobile air conditioning


Cleanable water or fluid coils are also available.

Tube material

  • Copper
  • Copper nickel
  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel

Additional tube material available upon request

Fin material

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Carbon steel

Additional fin material available upon request

Luvata Heat Transfer Solutions division

Important Notice

On 30th of November 2016, Luvata Heat Transfer Solutions (HTS) Division was purchased by Modine Manufacturing Company. All information on this page is the property of Modine Manufacturing Company.

For the convenience of customers, these pages will continue to be hosted by Luvata while transition work continues.

These pages will transfer to www.modine.com on 31th May 2017.

Visit www.modine.com for more details.

Formicary Corrosion

Formicary corrosion is a key issue for HVAC&R systems. Switching to aluminium reduces the risk, but why compromise copper's superior heat-transfer capabilities?

Luvata can offer both corrosion-resistant coatings and specialised alloys which remove the corrosion problem and allow the use of the best material for the application.


Sears Tower Chicago

Heatcraft retrofitted 216 coils in the Sears Tower, Chicago (one of the largest commercial office buildings in the world). The project finished under budget and one year earlier than originally scheduled all without any tenant shutdown.

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