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In terms of diversity and global scale, Luvata is probably the world’s biggest supplier of solutions to the HVAC&R industry. Perhaps the easiest way to sum up the breadth of our proposition is to say that we are behind the cooling of people, produce and processes.

People, whether they are living at home, walking around a shop or an office, or driving a vehicle, prefer to do so in a climate-controlled environment. Even data center cooling, where air flow, cooling efficiency and reliability are critically important. To be concise, Luvata is behind the very best equipment for all of these applications

Produce: liquids, meat or vegetables – anything that needs a specific climate whether it’s on shelves, in storage or in transit – benefits from Luvata’s solutions. From meat or milk in a refrigerated truck to fresh fruit and drink in a chilled cabinet, we help to make sure it stays at its best.

Processes, from power generation to chemical-process cooling, require the most reliable cooling in the most demanding circumstances. In many of these applications, you’ll find Luvata’s technology.

Thunder Horse

DWD International needed to source topside air equipment for Thunder Horse, the world’s largest semi-submersible oil platform. Thunder Horse platform is the size of a modern football stadium, with a displacement of 130,000t, so it was no small challenge. DWD turned to Luvata for help.

We worked together in partnership to develop high-end, explosion-proof condensing coils. These are now being used to cool the control room, motor control centre and the living quarters for the 229 people on board.

The co-operative engineering approach added significant value, not just to DWD International, but also to BP and Exxon Mobil, the owners of the rig. The coils will contribute significantly to the efficiency of the rig over its lifetime.


As part of their commitment to sustainability the Coca-Cola Company was looking for an environmentally-friendly technology for their vending machines for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

With environmental impact a key concern for the entire HVAC&R industry Luvata’s coils and coolers division had developed the use of carbon dioxide (CO2) as a refrigerant. CO2 is an ideal alternative to environmentally-damaging hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). It is also non-flammable, non-toxic and less expensive.

As a result of using Luvata’s technology at the Beijing Games, Coca-Cola is now committed to using CO2 in all of their coolers and vending machines.

Until recently, CO2 had only been used as a refrigerant in commercial applications. Luvata believes the promising results seen from this new technology will mean that, over the coming years, its market will expand to include refrigerated transport, automotive and residential air conditioning, as well as commercial and marine applications.

Luvata Heat Transfer Solutions division

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On 30th of November 2016, Luvata Heat Transfer Solutions (HTS) Division was purchased by Modine Manufacturing Company. All information on this page is the property of Modine Manufacturing Company.

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The Montreal Protocol

The Montreal Protocol has resulted in a major change in the refrigerants permitted in HVAC&R systems.  Our solutions, including those using CO2 and NH3, deliver alternatives to harmful refrigerants.  Read more

Formicary Corrosion

Formicary corrosion is a key issue for HVAC&R systems. Switching to aluminium reduces the risk, but why compromise copper's superior heat-transfer capabilities?

Luvata can offer both corrosion-resistant coatings and specialist alloys which remove the corrosion problem and allow the use of the best material for the application. 

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