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New Technologies

Expanding into exciting new technologies

Because we serve the widest variety of markets, we can call upon a huge resource of industry knowledge and experience in solving new problems. That's why we're so successful in expanding into exciting new markets and technologies. In recent years, we have solved customer problems with innovations such as:

New technology and markets is a part of our strategic plan - so if you have a challenge, let's hear about it.

    Luvata Heat Transfer Solutions division

    Important Notice

    On 30th of November 2016, Luvata Heat Transfer Solutions (HTS) Division was purchased by Modine Manufacturing Company. All information on this page is the property of Modine Manufacturing Company.

    For the convenience of customers, these pages will continue to be hosted by Luvata while transition work continues.

    These pages will transfer to www.modine.com on 31th May 2017.

    Visit www.modine.com for more details.

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