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Motor and Generator Coolers

Luvata designs and manufactures cleanable coolers for electrical motors and generator cooling, where untreated sea or lake water is used. The motor/generator coolers are used for the cooling of air via circulating water and can be installed for either horizontal or vertical airflow.

The cleanable coolers have removable headers and can be designed with single or double tube, made of different materials depending on the corresponding water conditions. Based on water analysis, Luvata can recommend the best combination of materials for your cooler.

Motor and Generator Coolers

   QLKE single tube cooler  

Single tube cooler

   QDKR double tube cooler 

Double tube cooler  QDKR 

Hood Installations - a complete unit

   Hood Installation  

Hood Installations


Luvata Heat Transfer Solutions division

Important Notice

On 30th of November 2016, Luvata Heat Transfer Solutions (HTS) Division was purchased by Modine Manufacturing Company. All information on this page is the property of Modine Manufacturing Company.

For the convenience of customers, these pages will continue to be hosted by Luvata while transition work continues.

These pages will transfer to www.modine.com on 31th May 2017.

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COILS Software

Luvata's computer programme COILS helps you select the optimal heat exchanger or cooler.

Luvata COILS programme

Luvata Service Solutions

Presenting the Luvata Söderköping Service Solutions.

Service Solutions in English

Service Solutions in Swedish

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