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Resistance Wire

Resistance wire

When resistivity is essential

We offer a full range of copper alloy resistance wires as standard, as well as creating custom-made wires to meet exact specifications.

We use pure raw materials in our alloys, as this guarantees that the wires have excellent mechanical properties. It also means that we guarantee the industry standard +/-5 % tolerance in resistivity, along with excellent drawability and consistency.

Cost-effective alternatives

Our CuZn and CuSn resistance wires provide cost-effective alternatives to CuNi wires. They can be used in many heating cable applications when the continuous maximum temperature does not exceed 150º C or when the short-term temperature does not exceed 260º C.

Luvata produces resistance wire for many heating and thermoelectric applications, including:

  • Electrofusion fittings
  • Under-floor heating cables 
  • Electrical blankets
  • Under-soil heating
  • Pipe heating

Alloys for the Resistance wire:

  • C220
  • C240
  • C260
  • C501
  • C510
  • C519
  • C521
  • C702
  • C705
  • C706
  • C711
  • C725

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